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This can be done with the forbear of understanding questioning, the HADS questionnaire (regard atop), consultation with a psychologist or sex therapist.

Diagnosis of the justification of impotence depends on age. In teenaged patients, it is important to pay prominence to the psychological voice, it is vital to evaluate to discover whether a cover shackles has veiled complexes or desires, the circumstances of ineffective sex copulation with women, to assess the au courant with of his uneasiness or depression.

There is merely one modus operandi to reduce its duration and research costs - to communication a fit urologist-andrologist.

It is not difficult to unearth the presence of erectile dysfunction, which cannot be said about verdict out of order the cause of this condition.

A large mob of reasons move to it, so the diagnosis can be quite complex and lengthy.


The search recompense other ingrained diseases or psychological problems is recommended after excluding the beyond diseases. This thinks fitting remedy recover convenience life and filthy lucre drained on diagnostics and non-essential therapy.

Lifestyle correction.

The second lieu among the causes of pathology is charmed by means of hormonal disorders, including diseases of the thyroid gland and a lessen in the amount of testosterone, which occurs due to age-related decrease in testicular function. In increment to erectile dysfunction, in this condition, a fetters may warning a diminution in libido, an increase in the area of the scrotum, and a decrease in the estimate of the penis.

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The absence or weak point of an erection when discomposed is commonly the fundamental symbol of atherosclerosis. Since the diameter of the genital artery is shed weight less than the lumen of the cardiac (coronary) or renal vessels, disorders of the progenitive sphere outpace chest torture in the heart or chronic kidney disease (skimpy as CKD).

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  • The indicator is intentional as follows: substance weight / (tallness in meters) 2; Genetic predisposition.
  • Its self-assurance resolve be evidenced before some diseases of close relatives: avoirdupois, coronary heart ailment, strokes and basic nature attacks, episodes of startling cardiac termination in the family.
  • Irregular subsistence with a doom of fatty, flour and sweetened foods; Diabetes; "Impassive lifestyle; Smoking and quarterly consumption of tippler beverages; Overweight - portion store factor exceeding 25.

Powerlessness in men exceeding 50.

In a more mature length of existence, organic diseases turn out to the fore, in which an erection is impaired owed to pile indemnity, impaired blood cater to or the willies pathology. The most hackneyed cause of sexual dysfunction in men done with 45 is atherosclerosis. Its evolvement is facilitated nigh:

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If this build is excluded in a juvenile myself or if there are signs of innate pathology, it is also important to upon out the express typeface of disease. This can be done using additional inquiry methods, which resolution be described below.

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If the add up of the scores received is 8-10 on a given of the columns, it means that you demand latent impression or lasting anxiety. The denouement of more than 11 points indicates a pronounced question that can be the induce of subconscious impotence.

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As the simplest diagnostic method, fashionable doctors often handling unaggressive questionnaires to clinch the level of impression / anxiety. It should be simple, informative, and fast. All these requirements are met by way of the HADS questionnaire, on the questions from which you can assess your own degree of ache:


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The usual seniority of the storming of violations is 17-35 years; A mortals has a hypochondriacal or neurasthenic placing of seal: he does not adapt poetically in society, closely perceives estimation from others, feels himself a closed and misunderstood person; The person has signs of sadness or persistent anxiety.

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A houseboy does not include problems with masturbation, while when having intimacy with a chain, signs of erectile dysfunction figure; Violations in the erotic sphere cross someone's mind on the other hand in a unerring situation (in non-classical places, in the company of strangers in the house, etc.) or with solely undivided frail.


Their carriage can be suspected past several signs

According to private doctors, 80% of childish people get problems with potency solely well-earned to unconscious disorders. In most of them, diseases of the determination and blood vessels do not accept time to upon, and hormonal disorders are degree rare. Thus, when clarifying the grounds of violations, the presence of effective disorders should be excluded first.

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